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With mother

With Mother

SND, Slovak National Theatre / dir. Roman Polák, 2006

It is not by accident that loss of memory is a topic that recurs in our contemporary world in its infinite forms, analogies and metaphors. Alzheimer’s disease, as a modern threat to the ageing generation, is one that also has to be faced by the generation of children of the parents suffering under this particular diagnosis. In her play, the Slovak author focuses on this dialogue between generations. A mother with progressive and irreversible amnesia shares a household with her daughter who strives to comprehend and accept the total sum of changes and novel circumstances linked with the diagnosis. But, as happens in real life, the tragic feeling of the loss of a kind of tangible identity is frequently replaced simply by a smile, by laughter about the absurdity or a sigh of relief when someone recognises that emotional and subconscious bonds with a close person are never lost.

Uvedenie tejto hry bolo poctou k významnému životnému jubileu Márie Kráľovičovej. Inscenácia bola nominovaná na cenu Dosky 2007 v kate­górii Najlepší ženský herecký výkon (Mária Kraľovičová za postavu Terezy Klimovej).

Directed by: Roman Polák
Dramaturgy: Peter Pavlac
Stage plan: Vladimír Čáp, Juraj Fábry
Costmes: Simona Vachálková
Music: Ľubica Čekovská